Has your home been tested high for radon gas? Hiring a professional to install radon mitigation systems will be your most informed decision then. Installing a radon system in the attic can be the key to ensuring your home and family’s safety. But, are you wondering why you should have the system installed in the attic? Read on.

Radon may enter your home through floors, pipes or chimneys, cracks in the walls and several other means. Since this gas is very dangerous to the human health, testing for radon is necessary. And if the radon gas tests come high, it is advisable to mitigate your house or commercial property. Even though the system can be exterior or interior, it is advisable to have the system installed in the attic.
Here are some of the many benefits of having a radon mitigation system installed in the attic.

Radon Mitigation in Northamptonshire: 6 Key Benefits Of Installing in The Attic Space

1. Better Protection From Elements

One of the biggest benefits of having an indoor radon mitigation system installation is improved safety from elements. Radon systems generate condensation within the exhaust pipes and suction. In chilly environments, this condensation might freeze and affect the vent fan’s life. Moreover, fans inside the space are better protected from the thaw and freeze.

2. The System Is Hidden

Having the system installed outside means having the venting pipes and fan on your home’s outside. In contrast, indoor installation means the vent stack rising through the roof will be the only component visible from outside.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing

Do you intend to sell your house soon? But, are you concerned about the effect of resale value if a system is installed? Having an internal system installation will be very aesthetically appealing to potential buyers. Radon systems installed through the attic is much more appealing to potential buyers than noticeable components on the house’s outside.

4. Quieter Systems

A major reason why many homeowners choose their roof for installing radon mitigation in Northamptonshire is less noise. Even though an exterior system isn’t too loud, interior installation will prevent the apparent noise coming from it.

5. Electrical Components & Fans Are Inaccessible

Having the system installed through the attic means that the fan and the electrical components will be within the attic. This way, the electrical components will be out of the reach of children. Getting an internal system can thus make it harder for kids to reach them.

6. System Performance Indication

Several attic installations are routed through the garage. This method allows professionals to install the system performance gauge in the garage. So, whenever you enter the garage, you will be able to see if the system is working.
So, don’t you think installing the system in your attic will be beneficial? Time to have the radon mitigation system installed!


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