Top Considerations for Measuring Radon Level at Home

Radon gas spreads carcinogenic elements in the air which is mostly responsible for causing lung cancer. The amount of radon gas present in the year denotes the Radon level of the place. The higher the level, the more people living in that location will get prone to lung cancer. The Radon level increases due to the dual effect of radiation and human made reasons.  However clean your house and its surroundings remain, it is not possible to escape the ill effects of the Radon gas due to the process of Uranium decay going on the soil. Thus, the essential step to fight it to find out the right option to measure the radon level of your dwelling from time to time. Even if people are not indulging in smoking or not even directly exposed to passive smoking then also they might get directly prone to lung cancer due to their exposure to the growing Radon level in the air. Here are a few considerations for conducting Radon inspection in your home.

Radon inspection

Crucial tips to follow to measure the radon levels in your home

Conduct regular tests

The quickest and most straightforward way to measure Radon level is to test your home at regular intervals using the Radon Test kit. The check can be both on a long and short time basis. You can initiate it on your own and can even look for professional support for measuring the Radon level. If the test is run for the first time, then it should be a short term test. These tests are conducted within a 2- 90 days period. It is best to perform the analysis in areas which are dry and face high traffic.  In wet places like the bathroom and kitchen, exposure to water can affect the correct measurement. The long term checks, on the other hand, range from 90 days to 1 year. The results over the long term are more accurate, and the effects of the various elements like wind, snow, air pressure can be detected more vividly.  In case you are renting a home, you must ask the landlord to run a Radon level check.

Never indulge in comparing results

It is a bad practice to compare the results generated by the Radon level inspection conducted in different locations. It is not feasible to assume that the radon level in your neighbour’s house would be the same as yours just because you live in the same locality. It is always wise to conduct the inspection individually to know the accurate outcome.

Home Radon Test Northamptonshire

Remodel your house to fix the issues

If the test result is higher than 4, then take it as a signal for remodelling your home. Although, often it is assumed that the level of Radon gas is mainly dependent on the Uranium level of the soil, there are also various other factors like water pressure, ventilation at home, heating and many more that lead to increasing Radon level. So, you need to examine all these factors individually and remodel your house accordingly to keep the level under control.

It is always wise to ask a professional like Radoncheck, as you have decided to conduct a Radon inspection at home. This will indeed help you to yield the perfect result you are looking to have a healthy living.


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