Test The Radon Level In Your House And Get Rid Of Excess Radon

If you think that radon gas is not dangerous for your house because it is invisible, odourless and tasteless, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Radon is generated when uranium in rock, soil and water break down naturally. They can easily sweep into your home and the radon level can become excess. You will be surprised to know that thousands of deaths occur every year due to radon contamination all over the world.

How To Test The Radon Level In Your House?

Irrespective of the geographical location of your home, test your home for excess radon at fixed intervals. Instead of trying a DIY, get in touch with a reputed radon testing company. Checking radon level after every 2 years or after you have done some home remodelling is a must. The test conducted by the professionals are quite easy. The companies offer both short-term and long-term radon testing services. They choose an easy set-up with minimal disruption to your daily life. There is no rocket science involved. Not only will the professional let you know if there is an excess radon level but also suggest a few easy tips to get rid of them.

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How To Fix The Issue Of High Radon Level?

Though there are numerous qualified mitigation contractors scattered all over your country, look for someone with years of industry presence. They craft simple solutions without punching a hole in your pocket. The objective is to reduce the level of radon gas in your house without compromising the quality of air. If you are willing to install a radon control system in your house, they will suggest the most effective tool depending on the foundation of your house and where you live.

The easiest way to check whether the mitigation system is working or not is by conducting radon testing after the work is completed. The right professional might even share a few tips to keep your home safe by continually checking the foundation and sealing up cracks.

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Few Common Benefits Of Professional Radon Testing

  • Professional radon testing will help you save both time and money.
  • It will take just a few minutes for an experienced radon testing company to set up the test.
  • The duration of the test is around 50 hours when the levels of radon in your house is measured.
  • The company installing the test kit will come to pick it after 2 days and let you know the results immediately.
  • If your house has elevated levels of radon gas, they will suggest a few tips to deal with the issue.

These being said, you now know how to test the radon level in your house, how to fix the issue of high radon level and few common benefits of professional radon testing.


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