Seeking Radon Testing Service For Your Home? Here’s A Handy Guide

Do you know radon causes thousands of lung cancer deaths every year? Well, radon is the second largest cause of lung cancer after smoking. Wondering how to determine if your home is exposed to this gas? Opting for reliable radon testing service can help you protect yourself and your family from this harmful gas.

Radon is a radioactive gas, which forms naturally when uranium, radium or thorium breaks down in soil, rocks and groundwater. People get exposed to this gas primarily from breathing radon in air which comes through gaps and cracks in residences. And, when you breathe radon, its radioactive particles could get trapped in your lungs. With time, these particles can increase the risk of lung cancer. In fact, people who are exposed to radon and smoke cigarettes are more prone to lung cancer.

Here’s all you need to know about radon and testing your home for this harmful gas.

Is Radon Indeed A Problem?

Well, radon becomes a problem when it enters your house and gets trapped inside it. This is because; long-term exposure to radon often leads to lung cancer. Your chances of suffering from lung cancer because of radon depends mostly on factors like-

  • The total amount of time you spend inside your home
  • How much radon is inside your house
  • Whether you are a smoker or have smoked ever
  • Whether you burn substances like coal or wood which add particles to the indoor air

You will be more prone to lung cancer if you smoke and your home has higher radon levels or burn fuels.


How Does Radon Get Into Your Home?

Radon gas moves from the ground into homes. Though it can leak directly through the pours in concrete, gaps in floors and walls are the worst entry points. It is estimated that any house, in any state, of any age, can have high radon levels. Usually, it depends on the way your house interacts with the surrounding soil.

Radon Testing Service: 3 Factors To Look For In A Company


Any certified technician can test as well as install radon mitigation systems. But only a professional company with vast experience in radon testing service can offer competitive advantages. This is because; the specialists have seen numerous situations and have the required expertise.


Specialists servicing homes for radon testing have had undergone comprehensive training. These experts have passed rigorous tests and always stay up to date on the best practices.


A radon mitigation system can keep you and your family safe only when the right system is installed properly. Hiring reliable specialists can, therefore, assure you that your home environment is safe.

Haven’t you tested your home for radon? Quickly hire a reputed company for radon testing now. It’s time to ensure the safety of yourself and your family!


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