Need Domestic Radon Testing? Debunk The Common Myths First

Domestic radon testing is more important than you think as radon is considered to be the second leading cause of lung cancer. The radiation caused by radon can damage the DNA inside our body cells. Choose an experienced company offering the service and it will take around 10 minutes for them to set-up the test. If you come to know that you are living in a house with dangerous levels of radon gas, get rid of it and make your home a safer place.  It will be easier for you to solve the problem if you conduct domestic radon testing at the right time and prevent the issue from becoming complicated. But before you start looking for a reputed company offering the service, debunk the common myths surrounding radon.

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Few Myths About Radon Have Been Debunked Below

Radon Is Not As Dangerous As You Think

If you have not yet approached a domestic radon testing company because you think that radon is not a severe issue, it’s high time you debunk the myth. There are a few scientists who think that only high levels of cancer can lead to cancer but low levels of the gas do not pose a risk to mankind. Irrespective of the level of radon gas in your house, it can have a harmful effect on human health. Since radon can pose a risk to your family members, get rid of the gas from your house as soon as possible.

Radon Tests Are Expensive And Time-Consuming

It is a very common myth surrounding radon testing. Approach a reputed company offering preliminary radon tests and you will notice that all their tests are not expensive. Once you get an idea of radon levels in your house, you can opt for a more advanced test. The only disadvantage of choosing the short-term tests are, the results will be less accurate. As far as the time taken is concerned, the tests won’t take a long time if you hire the right experts. On average, you can expect the test to be completed within 2 to 7 days.

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Radon Problems Can’t Be Solved

Since the radon gas enters our house from the soil, there are a few people who think that radon problems in our house can’t be solved. It is a myth which people should debunk as almost 6% of the houses in the UK have high radon levels. How you can fix the radon gas issue in your house is largely dependent on how complicated the problem is. Generally, homeowners try to prevent the gas from entering their home by rectifying the foundation faults in their basement or by installing a radon mitigation system.

Radon Don’t Affect Every Type Of Home

Whether you stay in a Victorian-style home or one with a contemporary style, you have to check the radon levels at fixed intervals. The gas enters our house through the ground or soil and can affect every type of house. Whether you have to worry about radon poisoning or not is dependent on the soil and atmospheric conditions. You also have to choose the right construction material for the basement and check its structural soundness. You can’t determine whether a house is more or less susceptible to radon poisoning depending on its type.

Since the common myths about radon have been debunked, it’s time you start looking for a reputed company offering domestic radon testing services.


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