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Radon can enter your home through pipes, cracks in the walls or floors, chimneys and many other means. This gas is hazardous to your health in high levels, so a home radon test is very important to ensure you and your family are kept safe. Our friendly experts at WBC Radoncheck offer radon testing in Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas of Wellingborough Northampton, Kettering, Corby, Towcester, Uppingham, Banbury and Peterborough at competitive prices.

Why test for radon?

Testing for radon in the home is extremely important. Radon in homes can build to high levels, especially in the winter when windows are usually kept shut, so having a professional carry out a home radon test is the best way to gain peace of mind.

Varying levels of radon in homes

We always recommend that long-term home radon tests be carried out, as the levels of radon in your home may fluctuate. Issues such as climate, ventilation and building usage can all have effects on the concentration of radon gas in your building. There’s also no guarantee that your house is safe because your neighbour’s is – radon gas levels vary from home to home so individual testing is always necessary.

Have you made house alterations?

If you’ve recently made home alterations such as adding insulation, changing windows and doors, creating an extension or disturbing the earth below your foundation for any reason, you should have your radon levels rechecked. Even if your home was previously within safe radon concentrations, alterations can prompt the release and entry of more radon, causing higher levels. Our home radon test from WBC Radoncheck is carried out by trained professionals in Northamptonshire, Rutland, Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas.

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