4 Common Causes Of Excess Radon In Your House

One of the main reasons why radon is considered to be a toxic gas is because it is produced when elements like radium and uranium decay. The radioactive particles present in the gas are capable of damaging your lung’s cell lining if you inhale it. You will be surprised to know that radon gas can also lead to lung cancer if you are exposed to high levels of this rare radioactive gas for a prolonged period of time. In fact, it is considered to be a prime cause of lung cancer. There are numerous sources which can release the gas in your house. They often get trapped and reaches a dangerous level.

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Excess Radon In Your House? The Common Sources Have Been Stated Below

  • Soil

The soil below your house is a very common source of radon gas. The naturally occurring radioactive elements found in rocks and stones often decay and generate radon gas. If the gas is created below your building, they can easily gain access to your building through the minute gaps and cracks. The underground basement is a vital thing to consider. There are high chances of your house coming in contact with uranium and other radioactive elements if your builder has dug too deep when building your home.

  • Rocks

It is not only about the soil but radon gas can enter your house through the rock below your building. A large quantity of radon can pass through stones and rocks as there are veins of radioactive materials in them. Radon gas is generated when these materials decay. You don’t have to worry about radon released from rocks outside your property as they mix with the outdoor air. Radon generated from the rocks below your home foundation can enter your house through the small cracks.

  • Well Water

You have to hire professionals offering radon mitigation services sooner or later if the well water in your house is sourced from an aquifer. The water often contains radon as they come in close contact with soil and rocks containing radon. The gas in the water gets released into your indoor air when you carry it inside your home while washing the dishes, brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

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  • Natural Stone

Not everyone with natural stone flooring installed in their house is aware of the fact that these stones have a certain amount of radioactive elements like radium and uranium.  These naturally occurring elements can decay and generate radon gas and other radioactive elements. How much gas the natural stones in your room will generate is dependent on the radioactive makeup of the stone slab. Radon gas in natural gas can lead to severe health issues.

Since there are so many sources through which radon gas can enter your house, opt for radon mitigation services once the gas level becomes too high.


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